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How To Conduct A Brand Audit

How To Conduct A Brand Audit

While the word “audit” tends to immediately be associated with scary tax situations, it’s actually a very healthy thing in a business context. Companies are well advised to engage in regular audits of various aspects of their business including finances, operations and the internal information technology network among other critical areas.   Unfortunately, the company…

How to Develop Your Compelling Brand

How to Develop Your Compelling Brand

Your brand is YOUR business. A brand needs to stand apart from your competition. When you stand apart, consumers notice you. But a brand is more than a logo and a company name. A brand needs to remind consumers of a promise, a method, a specific reason to choose only it. But crafting your company’s…

5 Steps For Building a Brand

5 Steps For Building a Brand

Whether your business is small or large, building a brand is an integral piece of the puzzle. It is what ultimately defines you, and what you will be associated with so it always important to have a brand strategy with a focus. Employees, customers, and other businesses tend to have stronger confidence in companies with a strong…

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