10 Non-Design Related Tasks to Focus on in 2019

You need more than design skills to run a successful brand design business. To build a business, you have to do things as a business owner. Here are 10 Non-Design Related Tasks to Focus on in 2019. Click through to read the 10 tasks.

New year, new business. That’s our motto. 2018 is done and over with. It is time to get 2019 off to a banging start. Continuing developing upon your design skills is a given. Always search for new techniques and learning more about the design programs. I wanted to start this year off with different advice.…

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How to Get Your First $1k Logo Design Project

Do you want to book your first four-figure project? Here are a few tips on How to Get Your First $1k Logo Design Project. Click through to learn more.

We all had to start somewhere. Nowadays that somewhere may be 99 Designs or Fiverr. You got to do what you got to do sometimes at the beginning. After a while, searching for work on these sites can get a little draining. Mass producing logo after logo to make ends meet. Please enter your name.…

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Why You May Need to Rebrand Your Restaurant

Starting over can be a little daunting. You put in all of that work just to let it all go down the drain. Sometimes conducting a rebrand is the best decision for the restaurant’s future. Try to think of rebranding as a savor and do not worry about the time you spent on your old…

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4 Elements Restaurant Websites Should Not Live Without

Do you know an employee that works 24 hours without asking for a day off? That would be a companies website. A properly structured website can generate leads and send paying customers into restaurants with ease. Here is a short list of elements to implement onto restaurant websites. 1. Online Menus Displaying your restaurant’s menu…

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