Do you want to book your first four-figure project? Here are a few tips on How to Get Your First $1k Logo Design Project. Click through to learn more.

How to Get Your First $1k Logo Design Project

We all had to start somewhere. Nowadays that somewhere may be 99 Designs or Fiverr. You got to do what you got to do sometimes at the beginning. After a while, searching for work on these sites can get a little draining. Mass producing logo after logo to make ends meet.

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I know some of you want to get to the $5k plus logo jobs. #BusinessGoals right? You will get there eventually, but it is important to build yourself up to the big projects. I made a mistake in the past of skipping levels and trying to enter the big leagues before I was ready. Slow down and enjoy the process, you will learn little nuggets along the way.


When scaling a business, gradual steps to that big goal is optimal. If you are currently in the $200 bracket but have dreams of building a minimum of $100k a year business, you must start with small obtainable goals. A $1k logo design project is the goal that can get you moving in the right direction.

How to Get Your First $1k Logo Design Project?

Improve your skills

Be realistic about your current skill set. Take a look at the current work you are producing and ask yourself. "Is this $1k quality". Self-reflection can be a little daunting when you are terrified of the results. Self-reflection is a part of growing as a designer and business owner. It is essential to know what to improve.

Here are skills that could take your designing to the next level.

Typography: Being able to handle type properly can increase the quality of the design. The Skillshare course Typography That Works: Typographic Composition and Fonts is a good place to start learning about type. Plus, it's a free course.

Logo Construction: You have to learn how to put all of the pieces together which includes placement, color, type choice.

Design Process: This isn't a skill but a method. The way you onboard your clients can impact the outcome. Are you asking the right questions, doing enough research, or creating enough sketches?


Strengthen your portfolio

First, delete all of the irrelevant work from your portfolio. Focus on logos. If you want to get logo design clients, do not showcase a series of unrelated posters. A cluttered portfolio will do nothing but confuse the viewer. Be clear on what you do and what you want to get hired to design.


Next, you want to think about your target audience. What type of designs are they attracted to? One thing you can do is to take a look at what a more flourishing designer is doing and imitate what you see. I am not suggesting you copy their exact logo but instead copy their style and layout. No need to feel bad and doing this, you will eventually begin to insert your personality once you get the hang of things.


Last and most important, create good work. If the designs aren't good, you will get no clients. Simple as that.

Become more confident

If you are not confident about your skills, charging more will become darn near impossible. Believe you are worth the amount you are after. Clients can smell the lack of confidence, and it smells like trash. Keep designing, practicing, and learning until you become comfortable with your skills.


Confidence also comes into play when giving your price. "I charge $1k for a logo." That's it, that's all. Do not justify, do not stutter, say the number and wait for a reaction. (something a learned from Chris Do) When I began to raise my rate, it was a little frightening saying a higher price with fear of not getting the client. When you know your worth, and tired of low paying jobs, it becomes more comfortable.


Get up go to the bathroom look yourself in the mirror and say "A logo will cost you $1k." Sounds silly but it works. The more you say it, the more the concept will manifest into your brain. I also have a post-it note with my current rate on the wall by my computer that way if I am sitting down on a sales call, I can look up at the number as a little reminder.


Find your clients somewhere else

The people that are reaching out to you may not have the budget, and that is okay. If $50 clients keep coming your way, that is a sign you need to go somewhere else to find clients. First off, delete your crowdsourcing accounts. I know you do not want to, but to progress, this is a mandatory step. Go to where your desired clients hang out and begin networking which you can accomplish on and offline.


Raise your price for every new client

You cannot make more money if you are not charging more money. After you develop strong skills, double your price every time you get a new inquiry or raise the rate by at least $100. Sounds a little scary I know, been there. You may think doubling rates could run clients off but what will end up happening is you will begin to attract clients that can afford at least $1k.


Are you currently charging $200 for a logo? The next person that asks how much you charge for a logo; you stand up straight say $400 with confidence. Then the price will be $800 for the next person and go from there.

What's holding you back from charging more for a logo?

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