Why You May Need to Rebrand Your Restaurant

Starting over can be a little daunting.

You put in all of that work just to let it all go down the drain. Sometimes conducting a rebrand is the best decision for the restaurant's future. Try to think of rebranding as a savor and do not worry about the time you spent on your old brand. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new.

Why Rebrand Your Restaurant

Consistent and or significant problems in business is a deeper rooted issue. Covering up a gaping gash with a little bandage does not solve the problem. To uncover what is holding your restaurant back, one must strip everything away to see the cracks in the foundation properly. For any business, the foundation is the brand. Branding controls the marketing, visuals, goals, taste, personality, and target audience. Pretty much everything to become successful in the restaurant industry.

There may be many reasons to conduct a rebrand, here are 8 red flags that will let you know it is time to rebrand your restaurant.

1. Not attracting your ideal customer

Let us explore a little ideal customer scenario, shall we? You want to enter the fine-dining space, but the patrons that continuously come through the doors are young college kids. There is an apparent disconnect that must be fixed. Your goals are not matching the output.


With a rebrand, you can build out detailed customer profiles. Doing this will help you determine who these people are and what you need to do to attract them.

2. Sales are declining

No sales, no business, simple as that.

A steady decrease in sales is letting you know the current strategy is no longer working. There could be a new way of marketing you have not caught on to yet, or the marketing strategy is outdated. Part of branding is building a sales funnel. To keep the restaurant's doors open, it's funnel must flow adequately.

3. Break away from bad PR

All publicity is good publicity. Not sure who came up with that saying but it does not apply to the restaurant industry. Bad reviews can haunt a reputation for a long time. Shake the negativity with a new you. People like new, and it gives an opportunity to have a fresh start.

4. Update the look

The best way to handle the look of your brand is to get it right the first time. Build something timeless once so you would not have to rebrand later. That would be ideal but not always the case. Sometimes you start with a visual identity that does not match the current demographic. When internal growth happens, the outside has to match. Now this concept goes well pass just the logo.


Take a look at what McDonald's is doing. The famous restaurant chain is putting upwards to $6 billion to modernize the storefronts. If you paid attention to McDonald's over the years, you would notice a slight shift from fast food to cafe style.

5. Not in control of the current brand narrative

Your brand influences what "they" say when you are not around. Building a brand, in the beginning, allows you to choose the way for others to perceive the business.


During the branding process, you will develop components such as brand personality and voice. These two go hand and hand in determining how others view your restaurant. Not controlling the brand narrative can cause people to make assumptions about the brand. Ask yourself, what is the brand attributes for my restaurant? If you can not answer that question, it may be time to rebrand your restaurant.

6. Outgrown current brand

Growth is a great thing, but it can leave the brand looking out of place. In 2012 Dominos revealed its new logo as they dropped "Pizza" from their name. Due to the popularity of the oven baked sandwiches, the organization believed "Dominos Pizza" no longer expressed the direction of the brand.

With growth or even a change of direction, rebranding is vital because it allows the brand to match the current position.

7. Brand inconsistencies

Brands need to have specific guidelines to go by at all times. Inconsistencies can confuse viewers. They are not sure what they are looking at or who you are. A consistent brand makes it easy for others to identify. When looking at the brand, it should look cohesive every time.


One day you have this font the next day another or one day your logo is this color the next day another. A clear sign there is a need for rebranding.

8. Constantly tweaking

Do you find yourself making changes to things such as a website every week because it's just not right? You may think it only needs tweaking but what is needed is a direction.


When the brand began, there wasn't a clear understanding of what was needed. Causing changes constantly because instead of building the brand based on need, the brand building process began based on personal preference.

Do not be afraid to start over

Rebranding can be the best thing that has ever happened to your restaurant. Get a fresh start, gain clarity and run a successful business.


Not quite sure you need a rebrand? Let us take a look at your current brand with a brand audit. We take a look at your business and give suggestions for improvement in a consultation.


Have you ever rebrand your restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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